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About Us

The slogan "knows and cares" is a real commitment from Bob & Sue Marshbanks, Proprietors of The Pipe Den since 1977. We have always felt there are three basic principles in business that should never be compromised. We are committed to these "old-fashioned" basics:

  • customers DO come first

  • honesty and integrity ARE foremost

  • satisfied customers ARE our greatest assets

The Pipe Den features the finest tobaccos available, top quality in pipes, an excellent selection of imported cigars, generous selections of quality estate pipes, a full range of accessories, lighters, and smoking "stuff", and one of the largest humidors in the southeast.


Bob Marshbanks

Bob is a certified tobacconist and a wealth of information about cigars; how they are grown, where they are grown, soil conditions, weather conditions, how each type tastes and can help you make choices according to your own personal preferences. He shares this same type of knowledge in the pipe field and is an avid collector himself. He can custom blend tobacco to suit every smoking taste. He truly "knows and cares" about all his customers and is always willing to customize your selections so you are a happy smoker. The Pipe Den is Bob's "baby" and he guards it's reputation accordingly.


Sue Marshbanks

Sue's background is in marketing and finance. She adds a "ladies' touch" to the traditionally male smoking environment. Many women smokers and those who buy gifts for their men smokers, like to talk to Sue about pipe shapes, colors, decorating around humidors and which cigars and pipe tobaccos smell more pleasant. She has gotten the men to be more aware of creating a pleasurable smoking environment for all who are around them.

Bob and Sue Marshbanks

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