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About Us

About the Pipe Den

The slogan "Knows and Cares" is a real commitment from Bob & Sue Marshbanks

Proprietors of The Pipe Den since 1977. We have always felt there are three basic principles in business that should never be compromised. We are committed to these "old-fashioned" basics:

customers DO come first

honesty and integrity ARE foremost

satisfied customers ARE our greatest assets

The Pipe and Tobacco Shop that "Knows and Cares"

Posted on by Dean Pfoutz - Knows and Cares

In my many years shopping and purchasing fine tobacco products from all over the world the Pipe Dens Slogan "Knows and Cares" is the real deal. They are always ready to help and Bob is a true tobacconist's He and his wife Sue never try to up sale you but instead lead you to a fine affordable tobacco experience..

They blend the Tobacco daily so it's always fresh and if you are not satisfied with the quality and taste they will blend the unwanted qualities out. Their blends are known for their mildness aroma, and burning quality.

Pipe Tobacco Menu

Posted on by Don Biscoe - Fine Tobacco

Not only do they have their personal blends the keep a file of all custom blends for all their customers, I know of no other business that pays such attention to detail. Some of my favorites are Indian River Gold blended with just the right proportions of Golden Virginia (My Home State) and Burleys, the blend of toasted Cavendish tobaccos takes on a zesty dimension.

My next favorite is the Orchid Isles the aroma one of the most important aspects of any smoking tobacco and this one is my best smoke, everyone within smelling distance will love it.

Pipe Selection

Posted on by Dean Pfoutz - Fine Pipes

The Pipe Den stands behind each and every pipe it sells, they have a large selection of top quality pipes made by the world's best pipe makers. To order a pipe select your shape preference, and let them know the price range via our Contact form.

Choose natural, dark or sandblast finishes. This will allow them some flexibility in their efforts to ensure you get the best pipe for the money. Or just ask them any question and they are always willing to help.

Pipe Hints

Posted on by Dean Pfoutz - Fine Pipes

The cake of a pipe retains the flavor for each blend, let the cake fully absorb the flavor before passing judgement on a new blend, at least two ounce trial. If you are in Vero Stop in and try an ounce or two of one of our special blends we are sure you will love it..

Just because it smells good in the pouch, doesn't mean you will like the taste. A clean pipe tastes worlds better than one that hasn't been cleaned in over a mounth.

Smoke your pipe slowly, draw slow in short, easy puffs. Tamp tobacco ash often while smoking. Your pipe will stay lit longer and smoke cooler.

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